HiGEM High Resolution Global Environmental Modelling


HiGEM Consortium Meetings

13th HiGEM Consortium Meeting, University of Reading, 22nd July 2008

10.30 Welcome : Pier-Luigi Vidale

10.40 Weather paper update: Len Shaffrey

10.55 Dust paper update : Margaret Woodage

11.10 TIW paper update : James Harle

11.25 Ocean paper update : Dave Stevens

11.40 ENSO in HadGEM1.1 and HadGEM1.2: Malcolm Roberts

12.00 Discussion of HiGEM/UJCC papers

12.30 LUNCH

1.15 Extratropical Cyclones: Jen Catto

1.30 North Pacific Variability: Andrew Dawson

1.45 Update on HadGEM development at the Met Office: Tim Johns

2.00 Tropical Cyclone Update: Pier Luigi Vidale

2.15 Initial Adjustment of the MOC in HiGEM: Mei Lee


3.00 Ocean Temperature Biases: Ian Stevens

3.15 Modelling plans : Pier-Luigi Vidale

3.30 HiGEM and the NERC Strategy : Julia Slingo

3.45 Discussion

4.30 Finish

12th HiGEM Consortium Meeting, University of Reading, 31st Jan-1st Feb 2008

Thursday 31st Jan

11.00 Exploiting the HiGEM/UJCC treasure chest : Pier-Luigi Vidale

11.20 Main paper update and discussion : Len Shaffrey

12.00 Land Surface paper update: Doug Clark

12.15 Dust paper update : Margaret Woodage

12.30 LUNCH

1.30 NAO variability : Sarah Keeley

1.45 Extratropical Cyclones and Storm Tracks: Jen Catto

2.00 Tropical Pacific and ENSO: Malcolm Roberts

2.15 Tropical Cyclones: Pier-Luigi Vidale

2.30 Tropical Convection and Cross-troposphere transport: Maria Russo

2.45 Discussion


3.45 Upwelling regions: John Donners

4.00 Precipitation characteristics in a matrix of GCMs with increasing resolution: Marie-Estelle Demory

4.15 Mesoscale eddies and deep upwelling in the Southern Ocean: Till Kuhlbrodt

4.30 VOCALS and Experiments in the Stratocumulus Regions: Len Shaffrey

4.45 Discussion

5.15 Finish

Dinner at the Sizzling Spice

Friday 1st Feb

9.00 Ocean paper update : Dave Stevens

9.15 HadGEM Development: Progress and Issues: Tim Johns

9.30 Development of the QUEST Earth System Model: Manoj Joshi

9.45 Update on UK High Performance Computing Platforms: Lois Steenman-Clark

10.00 Ocean Physics: Ian Stevens

10.15 Upwelling around the Antarctic and discussion on a possible sea ice paper: John King


11.00 Discussion I - Model development and future runs


12.30 Final Report and OPMs - Julia Slingo

12.45 The New NERC Strategy - Rowan Sutton

13.00 Discussion II - The future of HiGEM/UJCC?

13.30 Finish

10th HiGEM Consortium Meeting, University of Reading, 21-22 March 2007

Wednesday 21 March

12.30 LUNCH

13.30 Atmosphere Overview: Len Shaffrey

13:55 Ocean Overview: Dave Stevens

14:20 Sea-Ice Analysis: Amna Jrrar/John King

14:45 Ocean Analysis I: James Harle/Adrian New

15:10 Ocean Analysis 2 and development: Ian Stevens

15:35 TEA

16:00 ENSO in the HiGEM Control: Warwick Norton

16:25 ENSO in the HiGEM Model Matrix: Malcolm Roberts

16:50 Dust Modelling: Margaret Woodage

17:15 HadGEM1a/HadGEM2: Tim Johns/Manoj Joshi

17:40 Tropical Cyclone activity in HiGEM/NUGAM: Pier Luigi Vidale

18:15 CLOSE

19:15 Meet for dinner

Thursday 22 March

9:00 HiGEM Continuation: Julia Slingo

9:30 Discussion

10.45 COFFEE

12:30 LUNCH

9th HiGEM Consortium Meeting, Dunston Hall, Norwich, 13-14 July 2006

Thursday 13 July

12.30 LUNCH

13.30 Welcome: Warwick Norton

13.35 Dust and radiation: Margaret Woodage

14:00 Land surface: Chris Taylor

14:25 HadGEM Land Surface: Manoj Joshi

14:50 Sea Ice: Amna Jrrar

15:15 Tropical Instability Waves: James Harle

15:40 TEA

16:00 HadGEM ENSO: Warwick Norton

16:15 HadGEM Ocean Issues: Chris Harris

16:40 Results from the UK Japan Collaboration: Pier Luigi Vidale, Malcolm Roberts & John Donners

17:20 Arctic Ocean/Nares Strait Instability: Ian Stevens

17:45 First results from the new integration: Len Shaffrey

18:00 Data transfer and metamodel description: Charlotte Pascoe

18:15 CLOSE

19:15 DINNER

Friday 14 July

9:00 HiGEM Continuation: Julia Slingo

9:30 Discussion on planned integrations and use of HPCx Resources

10.45 COFFEE

11:15 Discussion on paper writing

12:30 LUNCH

13:30 More discussion time (if needed)

15:00 CLOSE

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