HiGEM High Resolution Global Environmental Modelling


HiGEM Workshop, 26-27 October 2005

Cosener's House, Abingdon


Presentations (HiGEM only)

Welcome and HiGEM overview. Warwick Norton

Ocean model development. Ian Stevens & Dave Stevens (University of East Anglia)

Ocean validation. James Harle (National Oceanography Centre)

Sea ice validation. Amna Jrrar (British Antarctic Survey)

Land surface validation. Doug Clark (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)

Dust modelling and satellite validation. Margaret Woodage & Ruth Comer (ESSC)

Monsoon simulation. Len Shaffrey (CGAM)

Tropical Pacific simulation. (Warwick Norton)

Overview and developments at the Earth Simulator. Malcolm Roberts (Hadley Centre) & Pier Luigi Vidale (CGAM)

Overview of Hadley Centre activities. Matt Huddleston (Hadley Centre)

Atmospheric developments for HadGEM1a. William Ingram (Hadley Centre)

HPC issues. Lois Steenman-Clark (CGAM)

Model optimisation on HPCx. Simon Wilson (CGAM/Hadley Centre)

Model optimisation on the Earth Simulator. Malcolm Roberts (Hadley Centre) & Pier Luigi Vidale (CGAM)

Data Issues. Bryan Lawrence (BADC)

Follow on to HiGEM and NERC perspective. Julia Slingo (CGAM)

Reports from Breakout Groups

Land surface and monsoons.

Ocean and sea ice.

Tropical Pacific and coupled processes

Model performance